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Butterfly 5 - Jewel Tone

Butterfly 5 Jewel Tone

Butterfly 5 - Pastel

Butterfly 5 Pastel

Butterfly 5 Jewel Tone & Pastel 6.5" x 10.5"

This fifth butterfly in the series uses a variety of open stitches leaving open canvas to create a lacework effect.
This pattern can be stitched in either the Jewel Toned or Pastel colour scheme. Instructions for both are included in the pattern.
Price: $13.00

This design is also available as a kit with chart, instructions, canvas, and threads.
Each of the two possible colour schemes are available as kits. Please use the correct button below to order the colour you want!
Butterfly 5 Pastel
  Pastel Kit
  Price: $78.00

Butterfly 5 Jewel
  Jewel Kit
  Price: $78.00