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Moon Maiden 2

Moon Maiden 2

Moon Maiden 2 8" x 14"

Like many Cree people, Betty Albert-Lincez's dreams are an important part of her life and her work. She discovered that her dream people are faceless and this is evident in her work. Her faceless women allow the viewer to experience tradition, action, and a deep spirituality rather than personality. Her use of the moon as a focal point in her work speaks of the connection between women and the moon.

Moon Maiden 2 is stitched on lavendula coloured canvas, after you trace the design. Each section is done in different textured needlepoint stitches in shades of purple. Her hair is ultrasuede and she is sprinkling snowflakes from her hand. Numerous overdyed flosses are used to blend the sky.

Discover more of Betty's artistic techniques.

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