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Needlepoint Patterns

Linda's needlepoint designs have been grouped into various pages by theme or style.

Butterflies / Dragonflies

Nature inspired designs including the popular series Butterfly 1 through Butterfly 5.

Ebb Tide Series

A variety geometric designs reflecting natural themes, with an offset border.


A variety of geometric designs, including the Jewel series (Amethyst, Opal, Sapphire).


More nature inspired designs including loons, snowflakes, and winter scenes.


Several series of patterns based on the idea of looking out through a window. Also includes the Stained Glass Christmas card series.


Odds and ends including several 3-D stitchery projects.

Indigenous Themes

Several patterns based on indigenous themes and inspirations.


Traditional sampler ideas reinvented with modern needlepoint stitches and threads.


A number of Christmas themed designs, including 3-D Christmas ornaments and winter scenes. It also includes the Stained Glass Christmas card series.

New Designs

Linda's latest creations are highlighted here.


Some of Linda's designs are now available as kits, including chart, instructions, threads, canvas, etc.